Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What If What I Want To Blog About Is Boring?

Of course if what you want to blog about is boring then don't blog about it. On the other hand I have seen lots of blogs having to do with "boring" stuff. For instance someone started a blog about how boring it was to live in the area that they were living in. So other people may visit the blog because they feel the same way.

It all depends on what you consider boring - maybe others will consider it boring enough to continue reading your blog.

You should take some time and look at all the different kinds of subjects that blogs are about. I seen blogs that talk about the most technical stuff - stuff that others would consider boring - but their blogs are very popular because people are still interested in the subject matter.

If you're starting a blog and you want to write about boring stuff then go a head and give it a try. See how it turns out and see how many visitors it attracts - you may be surprised!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Client - The Computer Brother - Step 2 - Enhancing The Blog

The 2nd step for The Computer Brother's Blog is to enhance the blog with more content on the side.

A new affiliate has been added besides adsense. This new affiliate is Auction Ads which is an affiliate program that lists current items up for bid on Ebay.

Unlike adsense, Auction Ads do not crawl a site for content. Instead you have to enter keywords to use as a basis for the kind of auction items that you want listed on your blog or website. In The Computer Brother's Blog that would mean items that have to do with computers and computer repairs.

Another very important thing that you will notice is that the auction ads layout is completely different from the layout and color scheme that the adsense ads use. This is very important because while adsense does allow for you to put other advertisers on your site or blog you have to make sure that these additional ads do not have the same layout and look as the adsense ads! If they both have the same look then it is a violation of adsense's terms of service which is grounds for the termination of one's adsense account.

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What I Did With My Adsense Payment.......

Well after all the waiting I finally got my adsense payment!

What did I do with my adsense payment?

Well for the last three months, the first thing I did was order a pizza - which is exactly what I did today! (I also ordered a cheeseburger platter and some hot wings!)

I also paid my cellphone bill and my internet bill.

I didn't spend it all of course but I have enough left over to pay both my phone bill and my water bill!

Of course my goal is to be able to pay ALL of my bills with my adsense money and I'm working on that too! (-:

I think of the "ordering of the pizza" as a celebration of earning enough adsense money for the month to treat myself for a job well done!

* As a side note I am happy to report that I made the $100 minimum adsense earning amount in order to get a payment next month (actually I reached that goal about a week ago!) - so anything I earn for the rest of August is just icing on the cake!


Monday, August 27, 2007

Confused About Where To Paste A Counter On Your Blog?

The first thing that you are going to have to realize is that you will have to open up your template. If its blogger's newest template layout then first you're going to have to decide where you want your counter - either on the side or at the bottom/footer. With the new template layout you are going to have to "add a new page element" - click on that and then when the screen comes up with the options pick the one that says "add new javascript" and a box should open up where you can copy and paste the code.

Now if you are using blogger's old layout then it is a matter of getting into your template html and depending upon where you want to put the counter code your either going to have to find the section that says "sidebar" if you want your counter on the side or "footer" if you want to paste your counter code at the bottom.

If it is still too difficult for you to paste this counter code in then you can hire me and I will be able to show you exactly where to paste the code in your blog's layout.

If you decide to paste in the code yourself, I should warn you though that you should first make a backup copy of your template just in case you add the code and it doesn't turn out right (or you placed the code in the wrong place)

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today Was A Very Good Day For My Adsense Earnings!

Except for the "waiting" of getting my adsense payment this month, my adsense "stats" are looking good. I have already reached my $100 minimum amount so that means that I will be getting an adsense payment next month!

Anything I make now until the end of this month will just be icing on the cake!

But another thing I noticed was that I got over a %50% click-through rate for my site and that none of them were counted as invalid which is good news because I and a few others were having problems with "click bombing".

My blog still appears on page one of both Google and Yahoo's search engine results when the terms "adsense consultant" and "adsense consulting" are typed into the search box.

There is quite an uproar going on because some people outside the United States have received their "payment in progress" line on their accounts but nobody in the states have received it. There are some people in European areas that have said that they have the "payment in progress" line on their adsense accounts but here is an interesting thing - it seems that Monday is a bank holiday in the UK so that means that no banking transactions will be occurring which really means that adsense payments delivered by bank transfer in the UK won't get "processed" until Tuesday at the earliest.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

News Article - How One Blogger Was Able To Quit His Job To Blog Full Time!

Here is a very interesting article about how one guy was able to earn enough money from his blog that he was quit his full time job so that he could blog full time!

What is interesting to note here is that he started his blog as kind of a joke and it just exploded! He was getting traffic and he didn't even know where the traffic was coming from!

He now charges anywhere from $500 - $4,000 to advertise on his blog!


Friday, August 24, 2007

You Know There Is One Thing That I Will Admit That I Do Not Know How To Do

One of the things that I do not know how to do is how to add the adsense code using's newer template/layout option. Using this option is supposed to make it more easier for people to be able to add the adsense codes to their blog. The reason why I don't use it is because you have to give them your Adsense sign-on information and I am just not ready to do that yet.

When I want to add the adsense codes to my blogs I still use the "classic" template version so that I can go in and "tweak" my codes and html coding.

Another important thing that I have just now started to do is to make back-ups of my blogs. Even though I have seen this advised all the time I simply just did not want to go through all of the hassle (and it turns out that it is really not too much of a hassle) of backing up my blog's template / layout. But I do see the importance of it now and I would advise everyone else to do the same thing!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OK, I Admit It! I AM Obsessive!

Today is August 22, 2007 and I was hoping, just hoping that I would see the "payment in progress" line on my adsense account. I didn't!

Taking a look at past adsense payment dates I have noticed a slightly varying pattern. I have noticed that the majority of my adsense payments occur on the 23rd of the month. There have been times when the "payment in progress" line didn't appear until the 26th of the month but that seems to be because the 23rd fell on a Friday. One month (April) the "payment in progress" line appeared on the 24th and why it appeared on that date I have no clue!

Well it looks like I have to wait until tommorrow to see if that "payment in progress" line shows up!

I am not a happy camper!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Client - The Computer Brother - Step 1 - Starting A Blog

The Computer Brother is one of my clients.

The first order of business was to create a blog for The Computer Brother. He didn't know anything about blogs really but when he found out that there was a way to earn money with his blog he decided to give it a try. Of course since he didn't know anything about how to create a blog, I created a blog for him. I am also a guest contributing writer for his blog as well. While I have created his blog he is still able to create and write his own entries to his blog.

The Computer Brother's blog is about his interest in computers. And if you take a look at his blog you will see that he really, really does have an interest in computers. He also does computer repairs and this will also be the subject of his blog. As the days go by and he becomes more familiar with adding entries to his blog the more comfortable he will be with his blog.

Except for some basic editing what you see on his blog is the work that he put into it. He does have a way to go but taking the journey is part of the fun.

Step 2?

is going to be

increasing his traffic

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Are You Waiting For The August 2007 Payment?

August 27, 2007 - EST - As of 7pm the "payment in progress" line now appears on my account! (I checked it twice just to make sure that it wasn't a mirage!)

August 25, 2007 - As of 7pm EST it seems that the folks who have an adsense account in Montreal, Ontario and other parts of Canada have received the "payment in progress" line on their accounts. Of course this is causing a little grumbling from those in the United States (including me). Here is a list of those areas where the adsense publishers have received the "payment in progress" line:

  • Canada - Montreal, Ontario and other parts of Canada

  • India
  • Manilla
  • UK

The sad thing about it is that even if the PIP line showed up in our adsense accounts today then those that have the direct deposit option will still have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to be able to spend our adsense payment.

As of Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 there is still no "payment in process" line. That means that if the "payment in process" line appears on Friday before 4pm then there is a chance that the EFT will take place the same day. But if it happens after 4pm then your adsense payment won't be transferred until Monday which is REALLY a bummer! )-:

As of August 20, 2007 there is still no "payment in progress" line

At about this time every month those of us that are adsense publishers start to wonder about when we will be getting our adsense payment for the month. Sometimes what I try to do is compare the current month with the past months to see when the next adsense payment would likely come. This month of August 2007 doesn't compare with the previous months this year because none of the other previous months has the 19th on a Sunday.

Now there are a couple of months that come kind of close. February and March both had the 18th on a Sunday but alas payment wasn't received for those months until the 26th of the month which was a Monday.

For this month the 26th falls on a Sunday - dare I think it? We might not see that

"payment in progress"

until the 27th of the month?

And incidently I can see on my calendar that the 27th of August is "Summer Bank Holiday" for the UK. Does that mean that the adsense publishers in the UK won't be able to do any banking transactions - meaning any deposits wouldn't be counted until Tuesday the 28th?

I would love to know the specific process that adsense goes through when they are processing payments. For this month of August I saw that adsense said that the July Adsense earnings would be finalized by August 10th - which is a Friday. However since the 15th of the month is the final day to add or change any of an adsense publisher's account information then I know that no payments will be processed until after the 15th of the month.

I saw an example on one of adsense's pages where they were showing examples of how their payment process works but what I remember most about one example was that they used the 16th as the "payment in progress" date for an adsense payment.

So far I don't know of anyone that has gotten a payment in progress line on their adsense account on the 16th of the month!

So now the adsense payment in progress line watch for August 2007 has begun!

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Someone deliberately clicking the ads on your site to get your adsense account disabled

August 20, 2007 - Here is a link to another's blog post about what Google (and Adsense) are trying to do to help determine invalid click fraud

Adsense Help

for Invalid Clicks!

So I go and check my adsense numbers today and I found out that someone intentionally made a number of clicks on the ads that appear on this blog. I immediately notified adsense!

As long as it is not myself that is clicking on these ads, Adsense's equipment will show that it is not me that is clicking on the ads so many times.

So to anyone that is trying to stop my adsense account by sabotaging it with invalid and excessive clicks you are going to be very disappointed!

Sunday, August 19, 2007 - I found out something very interesting when I was checking my traffic stats. I was able to pinpoint the time that the invalid click user had invalidly clicked the ads on my blog.

I'm going to turn this information over to adsense to see if they can do anything with it!

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Friday, August 17, 2007

How Come I Can't Find My Blog or Website In Google's Search Engine Results

or a more popular question would be:

"Why isn't my blog or website on page one of Google's Search Engine Results?"

First of all how old is your blog.

Once you create a blog it doesn't automatically show up on Google or
other search engines. You have to optimize your site for the search
engines - SEO - for short.

Now people vary on how best to get this done. However a lot of the
search engines have links to where you can add your site manually but
be forewarned sometimes it can take as much as a few months before
they get to your site.

My blog is about 4 months old and it's now appearing on page one of
Google's search engines, not because I manually submitted my site but
because I continually work on the content of my blog.

You have to decide what keywords you want associated with your site.
See where your site ranks when you use those keywords and if your site
doesn't rank where you want it to then you have to work on
incorporating those keywords into your site.

Here are the search terms that put my blog on page 1 of google's search engine results:

  • "adsense consultant"

  • adsense consultant

  • adsense consulting

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The Countdown For The Adsense Payment Begins Again!

When Will I Get My Payment For This Month?

Well I was wondering when I would see the first post that had to do with the "payment in progress" line for August!

First it has to be established which month you got the $100 payment. For instance my adsense earnings have already reached $100 for the month of August 2007 and since I still have about 2 more weeks of August then anything I make will just be icing on the cake!

However the payment for August won't be received until September - and usually arount the 25th - like someone else had mentioned.

If you earned $100 for the month of July then don't expect a payment until around the 25th of the month - just like someone else mentioned.

However the 25th of the month for this month - August - just happens to fall on a Saturday.

Now every month around this time the great discussion about when the payment will come always begins....I have found out a number of interesting facts about the adsense payments and when they come.

It has been firmly establshed that it is highly unlikely that you are going to see a "payment in progress" line on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Other people have said that the "payment in progress" line doesn't usually occur until a Tuesday - which isn't true because I have looked at my adsense payment dates for the past year and there have been payment days of Monday thru Thursday.

The earliest daye that I have gotten an Adsense payment was back in December of 2007 where I got a payment on the 21st of the month which I consider speedy because I got it in check form which meant that it had to take a few days to get here.

The latest I have gotten an Adsense payment has been on the 26th of the month (which for this month is on a Sunday)

So if your $100 was for July (last month) then wait until the 27th (which is on a Monday) - it could come earlier or it could come later.

As adsense has stated they can't give an exact payment date

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Client Or An Extension Of A Client

The Computer Dude's MySpace Page

Here you see a very cleverly made animated gif graphic that now appears as The Computer Dude's MySpace Profile. I didn't even think you could use an animated gif as part of your MySpace profile but now that I know that you can I'm going to animate my own MySpace page.

I have also gotten 2 new clients who want me to work on their myspace profile pages.

It is also becoming increasingly clear that a lot of people need help with their blogs on It seems that a lot of people want to be able to change the basic layout of their blog - like taking things off and adding things on and so on.

If you would like to see a list of my services and my fees just visit my Adsense Page

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Blog Has Been Unlocked!

Here is the email that I got at 5:42 PM today:


Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and cleared for regular use so that
it will no longer appear as potential spam. If you sign out of Blogger and
sign back in again, you should be able to post as normal. Thanks for your
patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


The Blogger Team

Well I'm glad THAT is over!

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The 15th Of The Month And Adsense

If you go to my first Adsense Consultant blog you will see on the first post that there is a screenshot of the Adsense payment history. If you look closely at the top screenshot you will see a line that says "July earnings will be finalized by August 10th.

Now when I first joined adsense I thought that them processing the payments during the first few weeks of the next monty was an indication that we as the adsense publishers would get paid earlier. But I have come to learn that such is not the case.

All information has to be given to adsense BEFORE the 15th of each month in order for you to get your payment. So even though the monthly earnings can be finalyzed anytime before the 15th of the month - don't expect an earlier payment!

On one of adsense's own pages they give an example of a payment demo. This example sticks out in my mind because they use the 16th as an example of a payment date. Of course none of my payment dates has been as early as the 16th of the next month. My adsense payment dates are usually around the 24th of the month but have been as late as the 26th of the month.

The earliest adsense payment that I got was in December of 2006 when I got a payment on the 21st of December! I considered that an early Christmas present (thank you adsense) and started spending!.

I have tried to calculate the adsense payment date each month but it is a very hard thing to do. There is one thing that I remember from last month's payment and that is that since I am on the east coast any

"payment in progress"

line is going to show after 7pm (which is 4pm Adsense time! But other than that calculating which day that adsense payment is going to come is too hard. For example for this month of August 2007 the 24th is on a Friday. Now for those that have the EFT option we all know that deposits to an EFT account won't show until AFTER the weekend if the deposit is made on a Friday.! Of course the payment date could be - technically speaking - anytime after the 15th of the month! However adsense does say that their payment procedures have to be varified. And then there is also the question of just how many adsense payments they have to actually process - which I am assuming is a lot!

I visit a couple of other message boards and forums and around this time everybody starts taking odds/bets on when the payment date is going to occur. Different people have their different calculations for the adsense payment date but none of them seem set in stone.

So for now - only time will tell.

What date am I hoping to get MY adsense payment?



Monday, August 13, 2007

Can I Make My Entire Living Off Of Adsense?

This answer comes to you courtesy of The Adsense Pro

There are publishers who make their entire living off AdSense, intentionally or unintentionally, and others who use it only as a supplement, maybe only on a few of their sites, or just as an
experiment. Some publishers use only AdSense, while for others it's just a small part of their advertising revenue.

The feedback I hear over and over again from the most successful publishers is, "Do what interests you." Sites made to catch a high-paying keyword trend, sites made only for AdSense with no real content, sites about topics the publishers don't really care about and become bored with... they all fail sooner or later, but the sites made out of genuine enthusiasm and love for the topic are the ones that
stay alive and active, continue to grow over time, and are ultimately the most successful.

Best of luck!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Working On A Client's Site!

The Computer Dude has a new myspace page - which is something that I helped him to create. I have just uploaded a new picture so that The Computer Dude's profile will have a picture on it. I have also added that same picture to The Computer Dude's blog profile as well.

Having a profile picture is important! It doesn't have to be a picture of yourself. It can be a picture of almost anything - just so long as you have a profile picture of some kind.

Have you noticed how bare and unprofessional a myspace member's profile looks if they don't have a profile picture?

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

You Never Know Where Opportunities Will Come From

I just got 2 more clients! Again - Yayyyyyy for me!

What kind of work will I be doing for these new clients?


I will be customizing their myspace pages. For this service I will have to charge them $100 each because they want a specific looking kind of background for their myspace page(s). Plus they want added animated graphics and I haven't decided whether I will charge extra for that yet.

So here is another kind of service that I am going to have to add to my resume:

MySpace Consultant!

I got these 2 clients from "word of mouth" advertising which - in my honest opinion - is the best kind of advertising there is! I also sent them a link to my own MySpace page and I think that is what "sealed" the deal!

As popular as Myspace is there are still people who want a myspace page but they want to be able to spruce their pages up but they don't know how to do it. So that is when they get someone like me to do it for them.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Saturday, August 11the - Site Maintenace

On Saturday, August 11th, 2007, Adsense will be performing regular site maintence between the hours of 10am and 12pm PDT time. If you click the link above (that is part of this post's title), it will take you to the site where adsense has posted this message.

As always your earnings will still continue to be logged and earned. It's just that during the maintenance period you won't be able to log in for 2 hours.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Client - The Computer Dude - on Page 1 Of Google's Search Engine Results!

As of September 8, 2007, The Computer Dude's blog is still on page 1 of Google's search engine results for "computer dude"

As of August 23, 2007, The Computer Dude's blog is still on page 1 of Google's search engine results for "computer dude"

As of August 16, 2007, The Computer Dude's blog appears on page 1 of google's search engine results for:

  • computer dude

The Computer Dude's blog site is showing up on page 1 of Google's Search engine results.

Since a good part of website traffic comes from the search engines, having your site appear on page 1 of google's search engine results is definitely something that you should work towards. It doesn't matter if your site is a professional blog or a personal blog - the name of the game here is


The more traffic you get to your site the more the average goes up for those visitors to click on the adsense ads of your site. That means that your adsense earnings will increase the more that your website traffic increases.

You will want to get your site as high as possible on Google's search engine results. If you check the picture above you will see that The Computer Dude's website is like #6 on page 1 of google's search engine results out of over 2.7 Million website matches!

Wouldn't you like to say the same thing for your blog or website?

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