Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today Was A Very Good Day For My Adsense Earnings!

Except for the "waiting" of getting my adsense payment this month, my adsense "stats" are looking good. I have already reached my $100 minimum amount so that means that I will be getting an adsense payment next month!

Anything I make now until the end of this month will just be icing on the cake!

But another thing I noticed was that I got over a %50% click-through rate for my site and that none of them were counted as invalid which is good news because I and a few others were having problems with "click bombing".

My blog still appears on page one of both Google and Yahoo's search engine results when the terms "adsense consultant" and "adsense consulting" are typed into the search box.

There is quite an uproar going on because some people outside the United States have received their "payment in progress" line on their accounts but nobody in the states have received it. There are some people in European areas that have said that they have the "payment in progress" line on their adsense accounts but here is an interesting thing - it seems that Monday is a bank holiday in the UK so that means that no banking transactions will be occurring which really means that adsense payments delivered by bank transfer in the UK won't get "processed" until Tuesday at the earliest.

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