Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What If What I Want To Blog About Is Boring?

Of course if what you want to blog about is boring then don't blog about it. On the other hand I have seen lots of blogs having to do with "boring" stuff. For instance someone started a blog about how boring it was to live in the area that they were living in. So other people may visit the blog because they feel the same way.

It all depends on what you consider boring - maybe others will consider it boring enough to continue reading your blog.

You should take some time and look at all the different kinds of subjects that blogs are about. I seen blogs that talk about the most technical stuff - stuff that others would consider boring - but their blogs are very popular because people are still interested in the subject matter.

If you're starting a blog and you want to write about boring stuff then go a head and give it a try. See how it turns out and see how many visitors it attracts - you may be surprised!

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