Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just How Much Money Are People Making With Adsense?

Here is an updated version of Just How Much Money Are People Making With Adsense!

As you will see this list has grown! Even myself would still be able to be a part of this list although I would have to say that I would be in the bottom half of the list - for now - LOL!

But you will see from this list just how much money a lot of people are making with the Google Adsense program! And it will probably help you to see that there are many different typss of websites and blogs that are cashing in on Google's Adsense program.

I have also read about those who use adsense as their sole means of income which is good to know because it seemed like a lot of people were saying that it was unrealistic to think that you could make a lot of money using Google's adsense program - but I am glad to see that they are wrong!

Comments Received

Hi I recently opened a blog initially since I told my friends about the blog so I got a lot of traffic in first week but I barely have any now. What should I do? I am trying to make money since I lost my job recently and I not getting any job in the market at this time.
Can you check my blog and tell me what am I doing wrong or what should I add or change.

Any suggestion would help thank you.

Thank you for sending me your comment however I don't review blogs for free anymore. I now charge $100 for this service because each blog is different and analyzing it takes time - especially when you want to optimize your blog to earn more adsense money.

I suggest that you take advantage of some of the free articles online that give advice and tips on how to optimize one's site to earn more adsense money. There are a lot of them available online and the cost of viewing them is free.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"How Come I Can't Find My Site In The Search Engines?"

First of all what "search terms" are you using to find your site? That's one of the first questions you have to answer.

You have to decide what keywords you want to associate your site with, then see where your site ranks when those keywords are typed into a search engine. If you don't like where your site comes up - or even worse - your site doesn't show up at all then you are going to have to work with incorporating those search terms within your site.

I don't agree that you have to have your own domain name in order to appear in the search engines. My own sites are very good examples of that.

So while its not mandatory that you have a domain name it does help but its not absolutely necessary. What you have to do is work on the contents of your site.

My blog is about 4 months old and it is on page 1 of google's search engine results when certain keywords are used. That I accomplished strictly by working on the content of my blog - which is exactly the same thing that you will have to do if you want your site or blog to show up in the search engines.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Can I Add Adsense To My MySpace Page?

Actually no you can't.

first of all I know that because I have a myspace page and it doesn't allow for you to add the adsense coding. It seems that the adsense code is in javascript and myspace doesn't allow you to add javascript codes to your myspace profile.

You can start a blog at because blogger encourages you to add adsense to it.

That way you can provide a link to your blog (and your adsense ads) AS LONG AS YOU DON'T PROVIDE A LINK THAT TELLS PEOPLE TO CLICK ON YOUR ADSENSE ADS - that's against the adsense rules and you will get your adsense banned.

I have a couple of clients that I have added adsense to their blogs but the adsense can't be added to their myspace pages because the adsense javascript is not allowed.

Comments Received:

24Apartments commented:

Thanks for the answer about placing adsense code to Myspace page.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How Much Have Some People Made With Adsense?

One of my most popular blog posts was the one where I provided a link to a list of Adsense Earnings and how much money they have made using adsense

It tickles me to think that I could actually be included in that list - although I would be in the bottom half of the list I would be the exact last person on the list! That means that I have actually made more money using Adsense then some that appear on the list. I can't tell you how proud that makes me feel.

Beside the fact that I am an Adsense Consultant, the fact that I am actually making money online using the Adsense program just helps my professional title as well.

You can't be an Adsense Consultant and not be making money with Adsense - although I'm sure that there are those who do call themselves adsense consultants but haven't earned a thing from adsense.

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

How Do I Change My Password (on

In the help section on it says to go to your settings and then you can change your password from there. However I couldn't find that option when I went to my settings so I clicked on "My Account" and that is what led me to the place where you can change your password.