Sunday, August 19, 2007

Client - The Computer Brother - Step 1 - Starting A Blog

The Computer Brother is one of my clients.

The first order of business was to create a blog for The Computer Brother. He didn't know anything about blogs really but when he found out that there was a way to earn money with his blog he decided to give it a try. Of course since he didn't know anything about how to create a blog, I created a blog for him. I am also a guest contributing writer for his blog as well. While I have created his blog he is still able to create and write his own entries to his blog.

The Computer Brother's blog is about his interest in computers. And if you take a look at his blog you will see that he really, really does have an interest in computers. He also does computer repairs and this will also be the subject of his blog. As the days go by and he becomes more familiar with adding entries to his blog the more comfortable he will be with his blog.

Except for some basic editing what you see on his blog is the work that he put into it. He does have a way to go but taking the journey is part of the fun.

Step 2?

is going to be

increasing his traffic

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