Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OK, I Admit It! I AM Obsessive!

Today is August 22, 2007 and I was hoping, just hoping that I would see the "payment in progress" line on my adsense account. I didn't!

Taking a look at past adsense payment dates I have noticed a slightly varying pattern. I have noticed that the majority of my adsense payments occur on the 23rd of the month. There have been times when the "payment in progress" line didn't appear until the 26th of the month but that seems to be because the 23rd fell on a Friday. One month (April) the "payment in progress" line appeared on the 24th and why it appeared on that date I have no clue!

Well it looks like I have to wait until tommorrow to see if that "payment in progress" line shows up!

I am not a happy camper!

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