Saturday, August 18, 2007

Are You Waiting For The August 2007 Payment?

August 27, 2007 - EST - As of 7pm the "payment in progress" line now appears on my account! (I checked it twice just to make sure that it wasn't a mirage!)

August 25, 2007 - As of 7pm EST it seems that the folks who have an adsense account in Montreal, Ontario and other parts of Canada have received the "payment in progress" line on their accounts. Of course this is causing a little grumbling from those in the United States (including me). Here is a list of those areas where the adsense publishers have received the "payment in progress" line:

  • Canada - Montreal, Ontario and other parts of Canada

  • India
  • Manilla
  • UK

The sad thing about it is that even if the PIP line showed up in our adsense accounts today then those that have the direct deposit option will still have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to be able to spend our adsense payment.

As of Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 there is still no "payment in process" line. That means that if the "payment in process" line appears on Friday before 4pm then there is a chance that the EFT will take place the same day. But if it happens after 4pm then your adsense payment won't be transferred until Monday which is REALLY a bummer! )-:

As of August 20, 2007 there is still no "payment in progress" line

At about this time every month those of us that are adsense publishers start to wonder about when we will be getting our adsense payment for the month. Sometimes what I try to do is compare the current month with the past months to see when the next adsense payment would likely come. This month of August 2007 doesn't compare with the previous months this year because none of the other previous months has the 19th on a Sunday.

Now there are a couple of months that come kind of close. February and March both had the 18th on a Sunday but alas payment wasn't received for those months until the 26th of the month which was a Monday.

For this month the 26th falls on a Sunday - dare I think it? We might not see that

"payment in progress"

until the 27th of the month?

And incidently I can see on my calendar that the 27th of August is "Summer Bank Holiday" for the UK. Does that mean that the adsense publishers in the UK won't be able to do any banking transactions - meaning any deposits wouldn't be counted until Tuesday the 28th?

I would love to know the specific process that adsense goes through when they are processing payments. For this month of August I saw that adsense said that the July Adsense earnings would be finalized by August 10th - which is a Friday. However since the 15th of the month is the final day to add or change any of an adsense publisher's account information then I know that no payments will be processed until after the 15th of the month.

I saw an example on one of adsense's pages where they were showing examples of how their payment process works but what I remember most about one example was that they used the 16th as the "payment in progress" date for an adsense payment.

So far I don't know of anyone that has gotten a payment in progress line on their adsense account on the 16th of the month!

So now the adsense payment in progress line watch for August 2007 has begun!

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