Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What's The URL Of My Blog?

How Can I Find My Blog's URL?

If your blog is on here is a way to find out what the url of your blog is:

Once you sign in to your account, you will see a link to "view your blog". Click on it and it will take you to your blog. At the top of your browser window will be your blog's url. Copy it and save it (or you can even bookmark it) so that you will know what the url of your blog is.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Blogger - Can I Add More Than One Poll To My Blog

I already have one poll on my The Adsense Consultant Blog but a very interesting question came up and I wanted to add it as another poll. Didn't know whether or not Blogger would let you have more than one poll on your blog so I went to their "Help" section, entered the word "polls" in their search box. But none of the links answered my question.

So I decided to try it anyway (at the risk of losing my other poll).


You CAN have more than one poll on your blog on Blogger.

Here are the two poll questions on my The Adsense Consultant Blog:

  • How much do you make a month with adsense

  • How long before you got your first adsense check?

My The Adsense Consultant Blog

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Increasing The Traffic To Your Blog...............

I just posted to my Adsense Consultant blog about how I'm working on increasing the traffic to one of my client's blogs.

I thought that I would provide a link to that post because regardless of whether or not you have adsense on your blog, one of the things that you will want to work on is increasing the traffic to your blog. In the case of adsense, the more traffic your blog gets the more potential clicks your adsense ads will get.

However if you don't have adsense on your blog then it is still important to increase the traffic to your blog. It doesn't even have to be for financial reasons. Let's say that your blog touches on a very topical subject - so the more people that know about your blog - the better!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

It Is Important To Keep Adding To Your Blog

Try not to let too much time go by without adding to your blog.

I have a client now who hasn't updated their blog in quite a while so I'm working on adding some relevent content to their blog.

Since people become less interested in a blog that hasn't been updated in a while I am also working on adding some more traffic to the clients blog.

There are lots of ways that this can be done and right now I'm working on bringing more traffic to their blog. Since their blog has a counter and a stats tracker I can track where their traffic is coming from so that I can work more on increasing their traffic.

Another important thing that you should know about your blog entries is that they get indexed by Google's search engine (and the other search engines as well) well after you have posted them. For instance a link to one of your blog posts will be indexed in the search engines from as far back as January of 2006 IF the information is relevent enough to the person seeking the information.

So even if your blog does not have a lot of posts it is still possible for a link to your blog to be in the search engines. And if you blog is high in the search engine ranks then you increase your potential blog traffic.

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

"How Do I Get Traffic To My Blog?"

Again this question is asked and again here is the answer:

The best way to get traffic to your blog is to decide who your target market is - that is who would benefit the most from information that is on your blog - the answer to that would be your target audience.

You should also include a stats counter on your site so that you know where the traffic that you are getting is coming from. There are quite a few free ones available online.

You also get traffic to your blog via the search engines. That is when people enter search terms the search engine will return a list of relevent sites. What YOU want is for your site to be included in that list and you do that by deciding which keywords / search terms that you want assoiciated with your site and work on adding those terms to the content of your site.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

If You're Thinking About Deleting Your Blog.....DON'T!

At least don't delete your blog right away!

I got a comment on my Adsense Consultant Blog about why I didn't have any adsense ads on it.

Well the answer to that is because adsense ads aren't allowed on sites that have the word "adsense" in their url. I found that out well after I had already established the blog. So I decided to delete the blog. THEN I read an article online about how one should not delete their blog because once you delete your blog your blog's address becomes available to the first person that wants it and that includes "spammers" who will use your blog's address for spam.

I have seen many bloggers post about how they deleted their blog but their blogs were still showing on the search engines. But because it wasn't their blog anymore they had no control over what content appeared on their blog (because now someone else had their old blog address).

So after I read the article I decided to see if I could "reclaim" my blog and fortunately I was able to do that - mainly because I think that I was able to reclaim it because I didn't let a lot of time go by.

Now if you do want to delete your blog the first thing that you should do is delete all of your blog posts first! Then give it some time before you delete your entire blog. The reason that you should give it time is because you want to give the search engine a chance to see that there are no blog posts in your blog and therefore your blog (that is your old blog) won't show up in the search engines.

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