Friday, August 17, 2007

How Come I Can't Find My Blog or Website In Google's Search Engine Results

or a more popular question would be:

"Why isn't my blog or website on page one of Google's Search Engine Results?"

First of all how old is your blog.

Once you create a blog it doesn't automatically show up on Google or
other search engines. You have to optimize your site for the search
engines - SEO - for short.

Now people vary on how best to get this done. However a lot of the
search engines have links to where you can add your site manually but
be forewarned sometimes it can take as much as a few months before
they get to your site.

My blog is about 4 months old and it's now appearing on page one of
Google's search engines, not because I manually submitted my site but
because I continually work on the content of my blog.

You have to decide what keywords you want associated with your site.
See where your site ranks when you use those keywords and if your site
doesn't rank where you want it to then you have to work on
incorporating those keywords into your site.

Here are the search terms that put my blog on page 1 of google's search engine results:

  • "adsense consultant"

  • adsense consultant

  • adsense consulting

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