Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Disabled Cookies"?

An interesting problem came up when I went to one of my blogs today. The screen message that I got said that the cookies were disabled on my browser. Now I know that this wasn't true and decided that it was probably some kind of error or mistake. So what I did was to use the same process that I use to get out of the error code screen and it worked!.

I'm back working on my blog again!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Do People Subscribe And Unsubscribe To My Blog So Quickly?

Just think of it / compare it to having a magazine subscription. Sure people may subscribe to a magazine because they think that they are going to like it but they find out that its just not for them so they unsubscribe.

You have to remember the reason why you started your blog in the first place. You started it for you. Let your blog build a reputation and those that are interested in it will subscribe.

You can't upset yourself everytime someone subscribes and unsubscribes to your blog - that will make you crazy!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If you are getting an error code when trying to work on your blog.......

then you should also be seeing the prompt that asks you to please report the error to How are they going to know about the error code / error codes if people aren't sending them information about it?

I did see one post today from a blogger employee who is asking people who are having problems with adding / organizing widgets on their blog to please take a screenshot of their problem and send it to them. I'm wondering how many people are going to do that.

It seems that a lot of people are having trouble with being able to contact the staff when they are having problems. So far I haven't had that much of a problem when I have had to contact for some matter or another. About the only problem I have had in these situations is my own impatience - and I certainly can't blame that on the staff!

Now when you report your error code problem to the staff please remember that they have a lot of error codes that they are working on so they may not be able to get to your particular error code right away. But in the meantime you can ask them for the steps you need to take so that you can bypass the error screen. When you are able to bypass the error screen you can go back to working on your blog.


Friday, March 21, 2008

"How Do I Share My Blog?"

Google Groups has a newsgroup called "Share Your Blog". Here you can tell the world about your blog! Once you get there and post a message announcing your blog don't forget to put your blog's address on the thread (since the name of the thread is "Share Your Blog"

All you have to do to add a link to your blog is to just type in the url address of your blog and it should show as a blue, clickable link - like so:

Another thing that you should do when you join google groups (it's free!) is to add some information about yourself to your google groups profile. One person posted about their blog but didn't include a link to their blog so I looked up their google groups profile but there was nothing on it.

My profile has a picture upload (my cat) a link to one of my blogs and
also a list of the posts that I have replied to. (Unfortunately I can't post a picture of my profile here because it is against the adsense terms of service agreement - since adsense is a part of google now)

Some people may think that having any profile information is a waste
of time but I know from looking at my own "stats" that some people really
do look at your profile. So it can only help if you have some
information and a link to your blog posted on your profile.

Here is a link to my own google groups profile - hopefully......(I tested the link below myself and it did lead to my google groups profile page

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Blogger Error Codes

It has come to my attention that does have a listing of error codes. From what I have seen it looks as though they have some sort of blog that contains a listing of blogger error codes. However I don't know exactly where this blog is or whether or not it can be seen by everybody or whether it can just be seen by the staff. (But at least its proof that they are well aware of the blogger error code problems)

So I will continue to keep a list of the blog error codes that people are posting about.

If you are still experiencing the blogger error codes then you should contact the staff and ask them for the steps you need to take so that you can bypass the error screen and get back to working on your blog.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Do You Want Your Images To Look Good On Your Blog?

I recently found out this little "gem" of a secret when I was posting a image to one of my blogs!

I have always been uploading my images to my blogs using the .jpg format BUT also lets you to be able to choose a .png and .bmp format as well. However I would advise you not to upload your photos or images in the .bmp format only because that format will result in a bigger size.

I found out that if I upload my images using the .png format then they look a LOT clearer than they look when I upload them using the .jpg format.

And just in case you're wondering what 2d graphics program that I use to convert my images to the .png format - I use the Windows Paint program!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some More "Blogger" Help Is On The Way!

One of the blogger help groups called "Something Is Broken" has just announced in one of its threads that 3 new blogger employees are joining in on the discussion threads.

Hopefully that will mean that there will be more help provided for those of you that are still having problems with the error codes that still seem to be cropping up when people are working with their blogs.

If you're still having problems editing your blogs be sure to post on the thread listed above. If you need to work on your blog right away and you want to get out of the error screen then you can ask the blogger help staff to give you the code(s) so that you can get out of the error screen so that you can work on your blog.

This has worked wonders for me because I have been editing and adding to my blogs like crazy in the past few weeks and I'm glad that I don't have to deal with the error screens any more!

In the meantime I'm sure that the blogger help staff is working on fixing these error code problems.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Help! I'm Getting An Error Code On My Blog! How Do I Get Rid Of It?"

If you are attempting to work on your blog at and you an error message that just simply means that there is some sort of "glitch" or "kink" in the's site.

What will happen is that while attempting to edit or post to your blog you will get an error message. will then ask that you forward the information about the error code that you are receiving and what you were doing to your blog when you got the error code. Once you forward that information to they will work on solving the problem.

Before when I used to get error messages while editing or posting to my blog, I would wait a few days and then go back to what I was doing with my blog because by then everything would be okay and I could go on and work on my blog.

It may prove to be quite futile if you keep re-entering your blog and you still get the error code(s) - you will just have to give it some time while the staff work on the problem(s).

There are lots of people posting about how they are receiving error codes while working on their blog. Here is a list of coding errors that have been reported by some people when they were trying to work on their blogs. If you have received the same error code rest assured that you are not the only one who has received the particular / specific error code.

As's website says "they are working on the problem".

For now when I receive any of the error codes while working on my blog I just bypass it and I'm able to get back to working on my blog. So if you can't wait for's staff to solve the problem then you can ask them for the codes so that you can bypass the error screen and get back to working on or editing your blog.

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