Thursday, September 16, 2010

"How Can I Make Google See My Site?"

Please check my website at www.xxxx.xxxx I use a popularity machine to check on my site google not see my website. How can I optimize to make google see my site.


You optimize your site by deciding which keywords/search terms that you want associated with your site.

For example my blog about being an Adsense Consultant shows up on page 1 of both Google & Yahoo's search engine results when the terms "adsense consultant" and "adsense consulting" are typed into the search boxes.

Also indirect links to my blog turn on on the first few pages of the search engine results as well - mainly due to comments I have made elsewhere online. And since the name of my blog is "The Adsense Consultant" then those two terms are the ones that I want my blog to be associated with when people type those search terms in.

So you have to decide what keywords you want associated with your site and then see where your site ranks using those search terms. If you don't like where your site ranks (or it doesn't rank at all) then you start incorporating those search terms within your site.

People have remarked that they have been able to get into the search engines within 24 hours!

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