Friday, August 17, 2007

The Countdown For The Adsense Payment Begins Again!

When Will I Get My Payment For This Month?

Well I was wondering when I would see the first post that had to do with the "payment in progress" line for August!

First it has to be established which month you got the $100 payment. For instance my adsense earnings have already reached $100 for the month of August 2007 and since I still have about 2 more weeks of August then anything I make will just be icing on the cake!

However the payment for August won't be received until September - and usually arount the 25th - like someone else had mentioned.

If you earned $100 for the month of July then don't expect a payment until around the 25th of the month - just like someone else mentioned.

However the 25th of the month for this month - August - just happens to fall on a Saturday.

Now every month around this time the great discussion about when the payment will come always begins....I have found out a number of interesting facts about the adsense payments and when they come.

It has been firmly establshed that it is highly unlikely that you are going to see a "payment in progress" line on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Other people have said that the "payment in progress" line doesn't usually occur until a Tuesday - which isn't true because I have looked at my adsense payment dates for the past year and there have been payment days of Monday thru Thursday.

The earliest daye that I have gotten an Adsense payment was back in December of 2007 where I got a payment on the 21st of the month which I consider speedy because I got it in check form which meant that it had to take a few days to get here.

The latest I have gotten an Adsense payment has been on the 26th of the month (which for this month is on a Sunday)

So if your $100 was for July (last month) then wait until the 27th (which is on a Monday) - it could come earlier or it could come later.

As adsense has stated they can't give an exact payment date

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