Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Client - The Computer Brother - Step 2 - Enhancing The Blog

The 2nd step for The Computer Brother's Blog is to enhance the blog with more content on the side.

A new affiliate has been added besides adsense. This new affiliate is Auction Ads which is an affiliate program that lists current items up for bid on Ebay.

Unlike adsense, Auction Ads do not crawl a site for content. Instead you have to enter keywords to use as a basis for the kind of auction items that you want listed on your blog or website. In The Computer Brother's Blog that would mean items that have to do with computers and computer repairs.

Another very important thing that you will notice is that the auction ads layout is completely different from the layout and color scheme that the adsense ads use. This is very important because while adsense does allow for you to put other advertisers on your site or blog you have to make sure that these additional ads do not have the same layout and look as the adsense ads! If they both have the same look then it is a violation of adsense's terms of service which is grounds for the termination of one's adsense account.

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