Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm Having Problems Accessing My Blog Tonight!

Very strange indeed!

Actually I'm typing this post now which means that at least I have access to adding entries on my blog. It's just that I am not able to view my blog!

I was going to see the error message again so that I could post about it here but as soon as I tried to get the error screen again - guess what? I was able to get to my blog again!

So now it's time to see if I'm able to view my blog again.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Have Started A New Blog - My BX Error Code Blog

I have decided to start a new blog called My BX Error Code Blog.

It is not an official blog but I decided to start it because of the many people that have been posting about the error code problems that they have been having with their blogs.

I just hope that this blog will provide a good place for people to find out more about the bx error code problems that they have been having and also to compare it with other people who are having the same problem(s).

I just started the blog so it will take some time for the list to get more full.

As a matter of fact this will be a very daunting task because there are so many bx error codes out there!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Having Trouble With Blogger And AOL?

I can't take credit for this one. This post was posted by Aviatrix on one of the Blogger Help Message Threads:

...........we have notes from several bloggers that their email, containing any BlogSpot links, is being blocked byAOL. AOHell is
blocking BlogSpot - that's how bad it is.

We corresponded with AOL about this, because I have my blog URL in my signature and it was messing up a mailing list. Their response:


I am contacting you regarding the ticket you opened with AOL concerning a mail delivery issue.

Because of high spam complaints coming associated with various URLs, we are forced to rate limit all email into AOL which mention contain URLs. I recommend, removing the URL from your mailing. If you need to send an email with this link, please attempt to send to less than 5 recipients during an email session.

Thank you,

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Saturday, May 3, 2008


Just a few minutes ago I was typing the previous blog entry about what happens after you report your bx error code to After I finished typing the post and clicked on "publish", I got an error code screen message! The specific error code that I got was bx-188dt2! My post didn't publish!

What a perfectly splendid time to use the bypass procedure and guess what?

It Worked!

My new post showed up on my blog!

I take this as a sign to just prove my point that there IS a way to get out of the bx error code screen!

I'm kind of glad that I did get the error code screen because it reinforces what I have been saying in my previous posts!

I got out of the bx-error code screen (again)!


What Happens AFTER You Report Your BX Error Code To

When you get one of's bx error code screens it is my understanding that you should first report about it on the Blogger Help Groups.

If you continue to get the error code then you should report it to via the form that they have specifically set aside for reporting bx error code problems. You can find a link to this form by going to the Blogger Help Groups page and clicking on the blue "Resource" link which is on the right side of the page. Once you click that link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the link to report your bx error code problem.

Unfortunately when people post about them getting the bx error code screen there is not generally a quick fix for it. have to be aware of the error code before they can start work on solving / fixing it.

Don't assume that someone else has reported the error code. If you are unsure then report it to via the instructions above.

And when you do post about it please don't expect a quick fix right away. There have been some bx error code problems that have been reported and there were immediate fixes for them but that doesn't happen for the majority of bx error codes that have been reported.

The staff / team have to work on solving the error code first and that may take some time.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

"There Is No Bypass Procedure"

There is a poll on the right side of this blog - if you don't see it just scroll down a little and you will see that it is a black box with white text.

The poll asks about the infamous bypass procedure for getting out of's bx error code screen. So far the majority of votes seem to be leaning towards the "there is no bypass procedure" votes.

This clearly shows me how naive people can be. Remember way back when the recording artists were looking for a way so that people couldn't copy their cds? All of that "advanced" technology went into finding a solution. They finally came up with a cd format that they thought was foolproof. Guess what? It wasn't!. Someone found out how to circumvent it. (I won't say how they found out though).

There is a way to bypass the bx error code screen on blogger. It's so simple I'm surprised that no one else has mentioned it.

It is my understanding that has said that there is no bypass procedure to get out of the bx error code screen.

They are wrong.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bypassing's BX Error Codes - An Update!

Here is a reply that I made to someone who said that there was no bypass procedure to get out of the's BX error code screen:

Unfortunately you are wrong about this. I see now that I was wrong in
assuming that the Blogger staff knew about this "bypass" procedure and
I will say so in my blog.

When I was working on my blog and the error screen came on with the
offending bx error code I did a few keystrokes and got out of the
error screen and I was back to my blog template where I was able to
get back to work on my blog. Ever since then when I have gotten any
bx error code screen I just simply use the procedure again and again I
am able to get out of the error code screen and go right back to
working on my blog as if no error screen occurred. I did not clear my
cache or browser during any of these times. I have not had a problem
since with the error code screen...............................

Unfortunately you shouldn't think that just because someone receives a
"random" error code that its not an important issue to them. Many
times they may not even know that the error code that they are getting
is considered "random" and I don't think that it would be a good PR
move to mention that "are not concerned with the random
occurance error code(s)" because that is not sending a good message to
those bloggers that are receiving error codes that are considered
"random". They may be "random" to Blogger but they aren't considered
"random" to the people that are getting them

Never once have I called the bypass procedure a "secret" - I always
assumed that Blogger knew of the procedure but now upon reading your
post I see where you have posted that they don't know of or are aware
of any bypass procedure. The "error code" label links to my blog I
provided because those are the posts where I talk about the error code
problems and I tell people to contact the Blogger staff - which is
what I remember those error code screens saying - meaning that Blogger
wanted people to report the error codes to them. I do take issue with
what you said because I have seen you post links to specific blog
posts of yours where you tell people the same thing which is to report
their error code problems to Blogger - plus I provide a link to the
form on the side of my blog.

I also have to tell you that you are wrong about there being no bypass
to the error screen because I have used it myself to get out of the
error screen every time the error screen has showed up when I'm
working on my blog. Unfortunately just because you don't know what
the bypass procedure is doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. I know it
exists because I use it and it works. I am only assuming that the
reason why the staff isn't telling people about it is
because they want people to report their error codes as opposed to
just giving the bloggers the bypass procedure so that they can just
get out of the error code screen and bypass the error code screen

So while there IS a bypass procedure to get out of's error code screen they don't seem to think that there is?

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