Monday, August 13, 2007

Can I Make My Entire Living Off Of Adsense?

This answer comes to you courtesy of The Adsense Pro

There are publishers who make their entire living off AdSense, intentionally or unintentionally, and others who use it only as a supplement, maybe only on a few of their sites, or just as an
experiment. Some publishers use only AdSense, while for others it's just a small part of their advertising revenue.

The feedback I hear over and over again from the most successful publishers is, "Do what interests you." Sites made to catch a high-paying keyword trend, sites made only for AdSense with no real content, sites about topics the publishers don't really care about and become bored with... they all fail sooner or later, but the sites made out of genuine enthusiasm and love for the topic are the ones that
stay alive and active, continue to grow over time, and are ultimately the most successful.

Best of luck!

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