Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Can You Honestly Make Money With Your Blog?"

of course this question has been asked a lot

and here is my reply:

Honestly you can make money with your blog! What a lot of people do
is to use Google's Adsense program - where you put ads on your site
and when (legitimate) visitors to your blog click on those ads you
then earn money!

Here are some facts though

You have to earn at least $100 minimum during the month before Adsense
will issue you a payment the next month. You can get paid either by
regular check or by bank transfer. In some areas outside the US you
can also get paid via Western Union!

And yes there have been some Adsense Millionaires!

You can go to my Adsense Consultant Blog and click on the link to (one of my most popular posts!) see just how much some people have been making with the Adsense program!

Of course there are other ways as well.....

There are other "affiliate" sites out there where you can earn money
by placing ads on your site but be sure to check out the "fine" print
because not all of them are worth it!

There is also a site called "Pay Per Post" where you earn money
posting reviews about other products, etc.......

You can even make money from your blog if it is very popular. For
instance Perez Hilton started a celebrity gossip blog and he now
charges $6k a week for advertising! Plus he got his own TV show out
of it!

So it is quite possible to make / earn money with one's blog.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Spam Comments?

Unfortunately spam is everywhere! And what makes matters worse is that when one solution is found, the "spammers" figure another way!

If you have enabled "comments on your blog with the moderation option then you may be quite familiar with the problem. Someone will leave a comment on your blog but also put a link to their "spam" related site! In the worst case scenario their comments aren't even related to your blog post but are just spam altogether!

Unfortunately and as far as I know, you can't just block one person from commenting on your blog - you have to enable the "moderation option so that you can moderate the comments - even if it is only for that one person!

Fortunately I happened upon a solution when I get a spam comment on one of my blogs. It does require a little extra work but it is a good example of turning lemons into lemonade! Actually I like when I get these so-called spam comments because my solution for dealing with them improves my computer skills and also helps with increasing my Adsense numbers too!

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