Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Having Trouble With Blogger And AOL?

I can't take credit for this one. This post was posted by Aviatrix on one of the Blogger Help Message Threads:

...........we have notes from several bloggers that their email, containing any BlogSpot links, is being blocked byAOL. AOHell is
blocking BlogSpot - that's how bad it is.

We corresponded with AOL about this, because I have my blog URL in my signature and it was messing up a mailing list. Their response:


I am contacting you regarding the ticket you opened with AOL concerning a mail delivery issue.

Because of high spam complaints coming associated with various .blogspot.com URLs, we are forced to rate limit all email into AOL which mention contain .blogspot.com URLs. I recommend, removing the .blogspot.com URL from your mailing. If you need to send an email with this link, please attempt to send to less than 5 recipients during an email session.

Thank you,

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