Friday, May 2, 2008

"There Is No Bypass Procedure"

There is a poll on the right side of this blog - if you don't see it just scroll down a little and you will see that it is a black box with white text.

The poll asks about the infamous bypass procedure for getting out of's bx error code screen. So far the majority of votes seem to be leaning towards the "there is no bypass procedure" votes.

This clearly shows me how naive people can be. Remember way back when the recording artists were looking for a way so that people couldn't copy their cds? All of that "advanced" technology went into finding a solution. They finally came up with a cd format that they thought was foolproof. Guess what? It wasn't!. Someone found out how to circumvent it. (I won't say how they found out though).

There is a way to bypass the bx error code screen on blogger. It's so simple I'm surprised that no one else has mentioned it.

It is my understanding that has said that there is no bypass procedure to get out of the bx error code screen.

They are wrong.

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