Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Help! I'm Getting An Error Code On My Blog! How Do I Get Rid Of It?"

If you are attempting to work on your blog at and you an error message that just simply means that there is some sort of "glitch" or "kink" in the's site.

What will happen is that while attempting to edit or post to your blog you will get an error message. will then ask that you forward the information about the error code that you are receiving and what you were doing to your blog when you got the error code. Once you forward that information to they will work on solving the problem.

Before when I used to get error messages while editing or posting to my blog, I would wait a few days and then go back to what I was doing with my blog because by then everything would be okay and I could go on and work on my blog.

It may prove to be quite futile if you keep re-entering your blog and you still get the error code(s) - you will just have to give it some time while the staff work on the problem(s).

There are lots of people posting about how they are receiving error codes while working on their blog. Here is a list of coding errors that have been reported by some people when they were trying to work on their blogs. If you have received the same error code rest assured that you are not the only one who has received the particular / specific error code.

As's website says "they are working on the problem".

For now when I receive any of the error codes while working on my blog I just bypass it and I'm able to get back to working on my blog. So if you can't wait for's staff to solve the problem then you can ask them for the codes so that you can bypass the error screen and get back to working on or editing your blog.

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