Friday, March 21, 2008

"How Do I Share My Blog?"

Google Groups has a newsgroup called "Share Your Blog". Here you can tell the world about your blog! Once you get there and post a message announcing your blog don't forget to put your blog's address on the thread (since the name of the thread is "Share Your Blog"

All you have to do to add a link to your blog is to just type in the url address of your blog and it should show as a blue, clickable link - like so:

Another thing that you should do when you join google groups (it's free!) is to add some information about yourself to your google groups profile. One person posted about their blog but didn't include a link to their blog so I looked up their google groups profile but there was nothing on it.

My profile has a picture upload (my cat) a link to one of my blogs and
also a list of the posts that I have replied to. (Unfortunately I can't post a picture of my profile here because it is against the adsense terms of service agreement - since adsense is a part of google now)

Some people may think that having any profile information is a waste
of time but I know from looking at my own "stats" that some people really
do look at your profile. So it can only help if you have some
information and a link to your blog posted on your profile.

Here is a link to my own google groups profile - hopefully......(I tested the link below myself and it did lead to my google groups profile page

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