Monday, December 3, 2007

If You're Thinking About Deleting Your Blog.....DON'T!

At least don't delete your blog right away!

I got a comment on my Adsense Consultant Blog about why I didn't have any adsense ads on it.

Well the answer to that is because adsense ads aren't allowed on sites that have the word "adsense" in their url. I found that out well after I had already established the blog. So I decided to delete the blog. THEN I read an article online about how one should not delete their blog because once you delete your blog your blog's address becomes available to the first person that wants it and that includes "spammers" who will use your blog's address for spam.

I have seen many bloggers post about how they deleted their blog but their blogs were still showing on the search engines. But because it wasn't their blog anymore they had no control over what content appeared on their blog (because now someone else had their old blog address).

So after I read the article I decided to see if I could "reclaim" my blog and fortunately I was able to do that - mainly because I think that I was able to reclaim it because I didn't let a lot of time go by.

Now if you do want to delete your blog the first thing that you should do is delete all of your blog posts first! Then give it some time before you delete your entire blog. The reason that you should give it time is because you want to give the search engine a chance to see that there are no blog posts in your blog and therefore your blog (that is your old blog) won't show up in the search engines.

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