Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Does The BX Error Code Bypass Procedure Work With The Problem Of Uploading Videos?

I honestly have to say that I don't know. When I read that other people were having problems uploading their videos, I decided to try and upload a video of my own. It took the video a long time to upload and after about 2 hours I gave up and cancelled the upload. Later when I went to look at my blog I saw that the video had uploaded. Now looking at my blog just a few minutes ago the video doesn't show at all.

In order for me to try the bx error code bypass I first have to get one of those bx error code screens and so far I haven't gotten one when I tried uploading a video. I have gotten the bx error code and was able to bypass it when I was trying to upload photos so I know that the bypass procedure works for that. I also know that it works for problems such as posting to one's blog.

Please make sure that you ask for it just in case you would like to know what it is!

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