Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"There is no bypass procedure to get out of the error code screen"

Do you know that somebody actually said this to me!

Of course they are wrong because I have used it and it works!

As a matter of fact one of the most current bx-error code problems seems to be with people not being able to upload their photos. I have tried uploading two photos on different days ever since one of the Blogger Employees mentioned this particular error code problem back on April 22nd. So far I haven't had any problems uploading photos. I also have seen that in the past few days this specific error code -


hasn't been mentioned so maybe this particular error code problem has been solved. But there have been posts by others who are having problems uploading images only they are getting a different error code - so I don't know "what's up with that?

Apparently it seems that not too many people know about the bypass procedure for getting out of the error code screen and I haven't seen anyone else post about it other than myself.

Does the Blogger.com technical staff even know about the procedure for bypassing the error screen? I seriously doubt that they don't know about it. I would think that the whole aspect of being able to maintain Blogger.com would require a lot of technical expertise and as a lot of "techies" know - there are always possible backdoors to get in by.

There may be a reason why Blogger.com is not telling its bloggers the bypass procedure - which is simple.

But I haven't seen as many posting about current error code problems so it may be that they feel that there is no need for bloggers to know the bypass procedure. In fact even though I seem to be one of the few ones that know about it (which by the way I wonder why no one else is posting about it)

I haven't had to use the bypass procedure for a while now because I have been able to get to my blogs and work on them.

So if you are still having or are getting the error code screen and you want to be able to bypass it altogether then you should contact the Blogger staff and ask them for the bypass procedure so that you can get out of the error screen and go back to working on your blog.

And if you're wondering whether or not the bypass procedure works if you have had problems uploading images to your blog, all I can say is that since I haven't had that specific problem / error code, the bypass has worked for every error code screen that I DID get.

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