Sunday, April 27, 2008

BX Error Code Problem - Things Seem To Be Getting A Little Bit More Heated?

Looking at one of the threads that I replied to on one of the Blogger help message boards, I see that there have been some posts directed to and about me.

It seems this has to do with the whole bx error code thing. When people post to those message boards about having the bx error code screen pop up when they are working on their blog - what I reply is that they should contact the staff and report their error code problems. After all that is what what the staff want people to do - report the error codes to them.

However I think the problem comes with people wanting immediate solutions to the problem and that isn't the way that it works. When you report the bx error code problem to it is then that they are aware of the error code problem and it is then that they will start to work on the problem but they may not be able to solve it right away (which is why I can't understand why they just don't post the bypass procedure for getting out of the error screen altogether?).

You should also take a look at what their site says when you go to report your bx error code problem The site itself says that they generally will not respond when you post your error code problem but they want you to know that they are working to solve the problem.

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