Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BX Error Code Bypass Procedure - It Turns Out That I Was Wrong!

For the past several posts I have posted about there being a way to bypass the bx error code screen. I also advised people that if they were getting the bx error code scrren and they wanted to bypass it that they should contact the staff and ask them for the bypass procedure.

I have come to find out from someone that is associated with that they don't even know of - or I should say - that they are aware of no bypass procedure - in fact they have said that there is no bypass procedure. So I was wrong in assuming that they knew of the bypass procedure. They say that there is none.

Unfortunately this just means that they aren't aware of it because there is a simple bypass procedure that lets one get out of the bx error code screen. So they aren't not telling people about the bypass procedure because to them there is no bypass procedure.

It must just be me and a few others that know about this procedure and since I haven't seen anyone else mention it but me I guess that the people that do know about it are keeping it a secret and / or just not saying anything about it.

You can rest assured that there is a simple way to bypass the bx error code screen if you get it while working on your blog. So far it has worked for me 100% of the time using two different browsers. So there is definitely a way to bypass the error screen if you get it.

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