Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Perez Hilton - Have You Heard Of Him?

One question that a lot of bloggers would like to know is whether or not one can make a living and/or become famous with their blog. Of course the answer is yes and one of the best examples of a famous blogger is Perez Hilton!

Perez Hilton started his own celebrity gossip blog. It got popular and he got famous - end of story - almost!

He now gets a lot of money from direct advertising on his blog. He also has his own TV show starting this fall! Rumors are that his is pulling down close to $1 Million dollars per year!

He says in interviews that he started his blog as something that he loves to do and it just became a money maker for him! It is said that he now blogs from the early morning hours to the late night hours.

So if you need an example of someone who has become famous and of someone who has made a living with his blog then you have no further to look than Perez Hilton!

*PS - I'm also going to add a post about Perez Hilton to my own celebrity bloglist blog that I have just started

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