Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blog Review - The Computer Brother

The Computer Brother is one of my clients.

I started his blog for him, added both the adsense and auction bid coding and I then let him loose on his blog! As you will see from viewing his blog, you will see that he is very passionate about his blog's subject which is computers and computer repair - one might tend to say that maybe he's almost too passionate about his subject matter because he does have a number of very long posts.

Sometimes I think passion can be a good thing. With all the number of spam blogs and blogs that don't provide a lot of content, its refreshing to see a blog that is written by someone who cares about the subject that they are blogging about. (I also hope that this encourages other people who want to start their own blog but don't think their topic is worth blogging about). I also believes that the passion that is shown in his blogging is one of the reasons why his blog has gotten comments (which you can see on the side of his blog). He has also been corresponding with others that have read his blog and have questions or just general comments.

  • Never underestimate how far-reaching your blog can be!

  • Never underestimate who your blog could "touch" in one way or another!

Unfortunately the "look" of his blog is uneven because while he does have a lot of content in his blog posts that leaves a lot of empty space on the side of his blog - so I will be working with him as a continual client to help fill in the empty spaces.

There are a lot of add-ons and widgets that one can add to their blog but it would be most beneficial if those add-ons related to the blog itself. So while this may be a slow process it is better to add things that are related to one's blog then just to put something on there to fill in the void.

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