Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Word Verification?

It just goes to show you that you learn something new everyday!

There was the "word verification" that was a mandatory requirement of one of my client's blogs whenever they wanted to add a new post to their blog.

Although the word verification was a nuisance I just figured that it was there because of some option I put on when the blog was first started.

However now I find out that the reason why the captcha is there is because the blog is still considered to be a spam blog. (I figured as long as the new posts and changes to the blog were being shown that everything was alright). even posts a link just in case you want an answer to "Why do I have to use word verification?". So this particular time I decided to read and then that's when I found out that the blog was being considered as a spam blog!

So I submitted the information that the form asked for. Since I just submitted it today I think it will be a few days before I get a reply.

So for those who have been wondering about that word verification thing - hopefully this explains what it is all about and how you can get rid of it!

If you want to send a request to have your blog reviewed by a human set of eyes, you can fill out this form from!

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