Friday, November 2, 2007

"How Can I Bring Attention To My Blog?"

Here is a recent comment that I received:

I have a non-profit blog and would like to know exactly how to get the attention of people......can you review it and let me know what you think please?

Thank You

First of all I made a blog entry answering the question How Can I Attract More Traffic To My Blog

Secondly I do not do blog reviews for free. This is a service that I charge for and if you would like me to review your blog then you can click on the PayPal button at the side to pay for my services. There are starting packages that start as low as $100 for a blog review and you will get a one page detailed analysis of my review of your blog. I will also review your blog here on this blog as well and provide a link to your blog also (as you can see that I have already done with some of my previous clients) You can also take a look at my client blogroll to see a listing of some of my clients.

I do not do blog reviews for free simply because it is usually the person that is asking for the blog review who wants detailed critique of their blog and that is just something that I will not do for free!

If you will also notice the above question asks to know "exactly how to get the attention of people"

Now there are some basic things that can apply to blogs in general as far as getting more traffic / attention for your blog is concerned. One of those "things" is to let everybody you know - tell them about your blog! Once you get past telling the people that you do know about your blog then its time to work on getting other traffic to your blog.

Since this is a professional blog for an organization I wonder if it occured to them to include their blog address on all of there business literature?

Make sure that your blog has a counter on it so that you can track your number of visitors. There are some free counters available on the internet and they mostly involve copying and pasting some code to put on your blog.

You should also include a "stats" counter so that you can do more than just track the number of visitors to your blog. Use a stats counter that will let you see WHERE your traffic is coming from. Once you see where your traffic is coming from you can start to work more on increasing that traffic.

You should also work on optimizing your blog (or website) for the search engines. This is called Search Engine Optimization - or SEO - for short - and it simply means that you want a link to your blog or website to show up high in the search engine results when people are using the search engines to look for specific information. For instance this blog shows up on page one of Google's search engine results when someone types in the term "the blog consultant" and since I am a blog consultant that is EXACTLY where I want a link to my blog to be! I would say that roughly 50% of the traffic that comes to my blog is from people who went to the search engines, typed in some term relating to the content of this blog and a link to this blog showed up in the search engine results.

You can follow my progress as I work (and I should emphasize that this is work!) to keep my and my clients' sites on page one of the search engines by going to my SEO Consultant Blog.

So like I have said before:

When You Are Ready For Results

Just Let Me Know!

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