Friday, June 22, 2007 Has Locked My Blog! How Can I Get My Blog Unlocked!

Blogger.Com Has Locked My Blog!

How Do I Unblock My Blog?

When Blogger "Locks" your blog it means that their robots have classified your blog as a "spam" blog. What is a spam blog? According to Wikipedia, spam blogs (or "splogs") are usually a type of scraper site, where content is often either Inauthentic Text or merely stolen (see blog scraping) from other websites .....

Blogger's robots have crawled your blog and determined that is was a spam blog. However there is no need to panic (unless your blog really is a spam blog) and all you have to do is contact Blogger via their email form.

This has happened to me also. You go into your blog's account and you find out that your blog has been locked/blocked. It says that you can save your posts in draft form but you won't be able to publish your posts.

Even though you may panic at first there should be a form on your blog sign-in site where you can fill out the form and email it in.

You see somewhere down the line a "robot" has crawled your site and determined that it was a spam site. Now your site probably isn't a spam site it is just that the robot sees it that way.

Once you fill out the form and send it in then a "human" set of eyes will review your blog to make sure that it isn't one of those spam blogs. Once your site has been reviewed and cleared you will be able to post to your blog again.

In my particular case it took blogger 24 hours to get back to me once I sent in the form.

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Blogger ritestuf said...

Hi. I found your article quite relevant to my problem and I hope that you will have some insight on what the solution should be.
Basically, my entire blog was hijacked, with all my content removed and replaced by a porn site! When I tried logging in, I was informed that my blog was disabled, whereafter I had to request a review, etc.
However, this did not help. Although Google reinstated my blog, I was given a slightly different address and the hijackers now have my blog URL! Why would Google allow them to hijack and KEEP MY ADDRESS and give me a another? Mine now has a "2" beside the name.
Any thoughts?

October 4, 2007 at 6:55 AM  
Blogger Sister2brother said...

I don't think that Google would allow hijacking of a blog if they could help it.

Spammers have come up with very clever ways to "hijack" blogs (of which I won't say here)

The reason why you were probably given a new blog address is because verifying that the original blog was yours is a very complicated process and it was just much easier (for Google) to just give you a new blog url.

You are not alone with having this particular type of problem because many people have posted about their frustrations about trying to get their original blog url back.

In some cases the spambot may delete your blog on its own and once your blog is deleted it can be "grabbed" by malicious users rather quickly!

So this would be a good time to remind people to not delete your blog!. If you want to start a new blog then go ahead and do that but KEEP your old blog! Start deleting the posts only on your old blog - that will give the search engines time to take your blog off their search engines. Once your blog has stopped being indexed by the search engines - then you can delete your old blog!

October 6, 2007 at 11:17 PM  

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