Thursday, November 15, 2007

How To Add A Picture To Your Profile?

If you have a blog on and you want to add a picture to your profile here is one of the ways that you can do it.

Normally when you would want to add a picture to your profile you would have to provide a link to an online site that has the picture that you want to use. And you couldn't use just any site - it had to be a site like Photobucket which is one of the free image hosting sites.

But's lets say that you want to use a picture that is stored on your computer and is not already online. Well here is a way that you can add the photo that you have stored on your computer....

The first thing that you have to do is to make a regular post to your blog. Add the picture to your blog post. Once you have done that make sure that you click on "edit html" so that you can see the htm coding of the photo that you just included. * - Make sure that you copy the second html code of the image (the one that is in the "img" code). If you use the first image link code then it will not work!.

Once you have copied the 2nd image link / html code link, go to your "edit profile" option and paste the code into the box that asks for the url link of the photo.

The link should look something like this:

Then "view" your profile just to make sure that your picture appears.

Note - Your photo can be no larger than 50K!

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