Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm New To Blogging. How Can People See My Blog?

Once you have started your blog and you have published your first post then - technically - it is on the Internet for the world to see!

However you do have to let people know about your blog though. It is quite possible that your blog could start to get traffic even without you promoting it but the more people that know about your blog the better!

For one thing if your blog is on then the more posts that you add the more likely that you will get traffic from those that push the link to the next blog button that appears at the top of your blog. That's one way to get traffic.

Another thing that you should do is optimize your blog for the search engines. In other words when people use the search engines to find sites / blogs similar to the information that they are looking for - then you will want your blog to show up in the list of search engine results. For instance, my The Adsense Consultant Blog is currently on the first page of search engine results when the term adsense consultant is typed into the Google's search engine. And basically that is the same result that you will want for your blog when people are looking for information similar to the kind of information that you have on your blog.

This is called search engine optimization and getting one's site to rank high in the search engine results is something that is going to take some work. People that are new to blogging have to understand that just because they have a blog (or website) on the Internet that it will not automatically get listed in the search engines! You have to do the work so that it shows up in the search engines and unfortunately getting a highly ranked site is what a lot of people are after and that is why getting a high ranking is so competitive! In fact it is so highly competitive that even those that have sites not related to the search terms have managed to get a high ranking even if it is by inscrutable means! Which just makes it tougher for those that have legitimate sites with legitimate and related information!

It may not seem fair but if you want to rank high in the search engines then you are going to have to see the competition that you are up against and start working on out-optimizing them!

You can find out more about search engine optimization by going to my The SEO Consultant Blog.

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