Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sitemeter - A BIG Thumbs Down!

I see that Sitemeter has incorporated a new look! I couldn't get in to see my Sitemeter stats yesterday because there was a message announcing about Sitemeter's new look!

So I tried to view my Sitemeter stats today and couldn't even get in to my account! It kept saying that I was logging in wrong! So I kept trying this for about 4 more times and then I gave up!

So I thought to try using another browser and I did finally get in after 3 tries BUT with the new look also comes a new thing of the reports having to be generated before one can see their stats!

Maybe its because I'm just having a bad day. Or maybe because this is the first time that I am using Sitemeter's new look but I am highly disappointed!

9/25/08 Update!

I have to update this because I see that the Sitemeter website has gone back to their older format. It seems that they hadn't finished working out all the "kinks and that they were also getting a LOT of complaints about the newer format!

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